Friday, February 10, 2012

Schedule Planning

This week I have done up my schedule for the final semester. Our time is divided as follows;

VIC 504 - 200 hours
VIC 505 - 400 hours

This is divided into 4 months, and with the time table I have made out to work to which I will post here once digitalized, I will be doing 40 hours Uni work a week. This is along with my 23 hours that I work in The Cookie Box, so I will be extremely busy for the next few months.

The two projects I have chosen to do for VIC 505 are;

Design an alternative cover for Little White Lies magazine: Black Swan (150 hours)

Design the cover of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales for Puffin (250 hours)

Why have I chosen these briefs?

Both of these briefs are to design cover Illustrations. I love Illustration and doing these will give me a good range of Illustrations for my portfolio, and end of year show. As they are both cover design projects, they will also go well together as a point of discussion for future interviews I may have for work in the design industry.

Also, I am passionate about both subjects in the briefs! It would be wonderful to win either one of these fantastic prizes and get some more recognition making me a more worthy candidate for future employment.

Why are these briefs divided 150:250?

The Little White Lies brief is to design a cover featuring a portrait of the main character. It is more straight forward, and I have given myself 4 weeks to do that well. As you will see from my time table, this includes hours and hours of experimentation, but I believe it does not need 200 hours to do this.

The Puffin brief however, is much more vast and will take a lot more research.

Furthermore, I have designed my schedule so that both projects will be completed well in advance of their competition hand in date. This means that I can enter both competitions yet still have given adequate amount of time in getting two top quality projects completed for raising my average on this course, and getting more attention from possible employers.

I have carefully planned my schedule so that I am finished both the competition briefs well in advance of the hand in date. Essentially, I see the actual hours necessary to complete the briefs more important. There is no point spending right up to the 9th of March on the Little White Lies brief when it is less detailed.

I will do the Little White Lies brief from the 1st of February to the 29th of February, I will then begin the Puffin Brief on the 1st of March to the 4th of April. This gives me 6 weeks on the more complicated project.

Doing 40 hours a week, I will have made my 400 hours for module 505 by the 4th of April. This gives me plenty of extra time to ensure each project is finished to the highest standard.

Modifications On Both Briefs

As well as having designed a magazine cover and a book cover, I wish to use the illustrations I have done as posters to advertise my work (or indeed the A5 flyer for 504) and possibly feature in the end of year show. I will spend one extra week making my cover designs into promotional pieces/posters.

What will I do for VIC 504?

For VIC 504, I intend on keeping this PDP blog up to date every Friday evening after work.

I will design A5 postcards to send to possible employers, to grab their attention.

I will send some work into book publishers such as those of the Illustration Now series, to see if there is hope in getting some of my work published in one of the series to come.

I will design business cards to feature at the end of year show, and to hand out when the opportunity arrises.

I will make my website something to be proud of, as at the minuet it is just a shell of a website lacking even a colourful header.

I have already joined a Creative Directory, and CV website LinkedIn, which I am managing the whole way through.

I will create a printed CV to send to possible employers, and to build a name for myself.

Final Outcomes

VIC 504

A self promotional brand
Business cards
A completed personal website
A CV package ready to send to potential employers
Work samples sent to book companies such as Illustration Now!
Updated some of my past projects for display at the end of year show.

VIC 505

A3 research and development folders
Strategies for each project
Printed versions of my outcomes
Posters demonstrating my methods for each project

Possibly an Animation for a 3rd project

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