Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 1 - Little White Lies

February 1st - 29th (150 hours)

Competition Deadline March 9th

Week one

Week one is complete, and for research I watched a couple of the films in the brief and studied all of the past covers for Little White Lies magazine. I did rough sketches of my chosen film to get the feel of it, and experimented with charcoal, chalk, colouring pencil, and pen. In week two I shall work with these in more detail, as well as drawing over photographs and scanning them. I should draw one really good portrait and scan it so that I can experiment with different mediums on it multiple times.

I was torn between doing Drive and Black Swan for a couple of days, but eventually settled on Black Swan.

Why Did I Choose This Brief?

This brief is very straightforward, design the cover of the Little White Lies magazine. It is also Illustration, which plays to my strengths. I chose this brief ultimately to get my marks up, as I don't see any possible way that my marks could be much lower then what I need them to be (almost 70) when all I have to do is experiment like crazy and do plenty of research, as the final outcome is very straightforward - the Illustration must suit the film.

Secondly, this brief will have some beautiful drawings produced through the experimentation process which will build my portfolio and boost my skills in Illustration and cover design.

Finally, Little White Lies is a stunning magazine. I have heard fellow course mates say that the tutors don't like this brief, but I have shortened it so that it does not take up more time then necessary, and the magazine itself is an extremely popular and well designed publication. So popular in fact, that every single copy of it has sold out!! I have been collecting them for a while now so it is wonderful to have a brief that suits me so well.

Why Did I Choose This Film?

I really enjoyed the film, and think that because it is about sanity I could really play with the imagination.

I also believe that the cover that they have done already for Black Swan as a Little White Lies cover, could have been more creative. I love the Illustration itself, and think it's clever that the text looks as if she is trapped or caged in. She clearly felt this way in the film. However I believe I can improve on this. The cover did not show the insanity or panic that we felt through most of the film, and it does not reflect the evil in the film quite enough. I hope I can amend this.

Essential Information on Black Swan

It won awards for costume design.

Ballet is a graceful dance, and the image should be light and graceful to reflect this.

It is a modern film.

Recurring colours on the main character are pink, blue, white, then grey to black as she goes insane.

Colours of lighting include green (jealousy) red (lust)

Artists I have Studied

Kelly Thompson (Pencil)

Holly Exley (Water Colour)

Hannah Muller (Pencil, Water Colour)

Esra Roise (Pencil, Water Colour, Digital)

Am I On Schedule After Week One?

According to my time table I am right on Schedule, in the process of sketching and experimenting, and have already researched the film for key emotions. My aim is to be working on my final design for this project by the 22nd of February, giving me 5 days (excluding the working weekend) on perfecting it.

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