Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 2 - Progress

Grace Kennedy Online

This week I have worked some more on my twitter page. I have been more involved in the design community online, making contacts with past students in the course such as Ashleigh Grant etc. Here is a link to my twitter page!!/Gracie_Kennedy

I have also worked a bit on my website, but not too much as I am leaving it to after VIC 504

As well as this I have updated my LinkedIn account, which is basically like an online CV. It will help when I begin to do my CV as it is storing all my information. I can't supply a link for this as you have to be a member to see each profile.

I have not included this in my hours for VIC 504 because I think this is essential anyway.

What to do Next

This week I have chosen 2 suitable portraits of Natalie Portman to draw. I found one that makes her look slightly seductive, and one in which she looks fearful. These will represent the two swans. I will draw both of these, as I have chosen 3 cover designs to try out before choosing my final product. Here is some of my experimentation work, there will be much more in the next week!

Other Thoughts On the Past 2 Weeks

I have looked in debt into the marks that I received in the last semester, and although I am truly not happy with them, I have to move on and put all my efforts into bringing my final mark up. I spent a lot of money on this course and have worked much to hard to get any lower then a 2.1, and I am massively disappointed in the course since the last marks were given out. At least it is not just me that is unhappy! This course seems to be mainly Typography and NOT Visual Communication judging by the marks given, I believe the Visual Communication course in Magee would have been better for me.

To get my marks up to a 2.1 I need to get a mark of 67 on VIC 505 and a mark of 66 on VIC 504. To do this I have worked even harder in fulfilling the brief, I have done as much experimenting and research as I could possibly fit into my schedule. I have also asked my Tutor to advise me as much as possible as it is essential to get my marks up. I will plague him every tutorial on my PDP to make sure this blog is first class!!

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