Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 3 - Progress

So far, I am right on schedule. This shows a vast improvement in my time management skills which I needed to work on last semester.

I have experimented a lot in this Little White lies project, using a wide variety of different materials that I have not used in years, some of which I tried for the first time.

What I have Experimented With

Oil Pastels
Water Colours
Colouring Pencils

What I Think is NOT Working

Oil Pastels are too heavy for the theme of this film, they are not elegant enough.

Colouring Pencils do not flow gracefully enough, something that is essential to Ballerinas.

Charcoal is too harsh. I need softer, lighter colours. A simple pen drawing or light vector drawing would suit better, perhaps with light colouring with inks or water colours.

What I Think IS Working

I have found that the simply pen or pencil drawing with little or no shading that I did BEFORE each piece, looked much better and more elegant. Due to this I have started doing more simple, clear images. Pen outlines are working very well, I have to keep in mind the past LWL covers too as they seem to like their simple vector image and bold colour theme.

How this Project is Helping Me Develop as a Designer.

I spent a week researching the subject I am designing for, matching the brief I was given perfectly! The external examiner came in and informed the whole group that we were not following the briefs properly last semester, and this has made me realize that this whole time we shouldn't have been doing the briefs to suit us, but we were supposed to suit the briefs. I have my own style of Illustration and design, but it is now much more flexible to suit the client.

I have brought several mediums into my design process, as mentioned above.

My time keeping has turned out better then I had imagined, it wasn't too good in Semester one, but I am extremely impressed with myself this semester as I am on schedule down to the last minuet! Delighted!

I had failed myself in the last semester, not doing as well as I had hoped. But I have learned to get over this as at the end of the day, it is my portfolio that possible employers will look at. Not my mark. Having said this, due to the effort I put in and the amount of money I have paid, I would still be highly disappointed at less then a 2.1. I have learned to work more with my tutors and colleagues in getting my work up to top standard, so even if I am marked hard, I will still make my mark!

What is Next?

Work with the text, I believe that it should be hand rendered however I will not know for certain till I see the final piece.

Try out a vector image as LWL usually do vector images and maybe this would suit.

Draw out final pose.

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