Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 4 - LWL Complete

What did I do this Week?

This week, I worked with the strongest watercolour image I had painted. I tested the image on the cover and my group and I thought that the blue tones suited her best.

I then experimented with some backgrounds for my watercolour painting. I realized pretty quickly that block colour like the usual Little White Lies covers did not suit the watercolour. I took a piece of the pattern from her face and tried it in the background to test, but I was not convinced that this would suit Little White Lies magazine - which is the point in doing this project. I made a decision to strip back the watercolour to the pen drawing I did, and colour it on photoshop. This is what LWL covers usually look like so I submitted this as my final piece.

Extended Brief Work

For the brief extension to make my project worthy of 150 hours of work, I did the evil black swan version of my cover. It was to mirror the the one that I submitted as mirrors play a large part in the brief. I also inverted the LWL logo.

What have I learned this week?

Although I tried to experiment by doing a watercolour, I have discovered that I have been developing this digital style throughout final year. It can be seen in my projects from last semester, I am just taking it a little further every time I Illustrate. In the future I would like to combine watercolour, pen and ink to a similar style. Perhaps this can happen in my next brief.

I am delighted with the text in this piece, I searched for hours online for one that would suit and then I altered it on Illustrator. Typography is one of the key reasons that i chose the 2 briefs that I have for this semester, it encourages me to study it more and it has clearly been working as I feel more confident with typography now. I am delighted that there is even more type in my next brief so I can take what I have learned even further.

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