Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 5 - The Brothers Grimm

This week I began the second brief, designing the cover of a new Puffin book for Grimm's Fairy Tales.

My thoughts on this brief so far

There is a lot of work to produce so it will look more appealing at the end of year show.
It will define my style of Illustration more so I can be more easily recognized.
It contains a lot more type so I can work more on Typography as this is a skill I greatly wish to improve.

What did I do for the brief this week?

When I completed the last brief, I took a trip down to the first year studio as I knew that they were about to complete the brief that I was to start. I got to know a few of the class, and they showed me what they were up to for their covers. It actually benefited me much more then I had expected and it was great! I got a few ideas of my own also which I will work on in the second week.

I gave them a bit of advice and encouraged them. The key thing I noted from my visit, was that they were creating scrap books for their work. We did this when we were in first year, but as the years progressed we left the fun creative crafts behind! So I decided that I am going to fill an A3 sketch book as well as my A3 research folder. This will inspire me more and keep me as creative as possible, as it is a fun and interesting brief!

As well as visiting the first years, I went to the book shops Easons and Waterstones. I walked through it waiting for book covers to jump out at me, and they did! I took photos of books, and bought a childrens book because I loved the Illustrations. The book is called "A Bit Lost" and it is Illustrated by Chris Haughton.

New Aspirations

I would definitely love to Illustrate/Design Childrens books. I love fun, colourful images, this is reflected in last semester as well as this one, but with this new brief I now have my mind set on it!

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