Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 10 - Final Illustration

What I did this week

This week I got my final cover design started and almost completed. I will work on the type next week, but this week I am really excited about my final Illustration as it is coming together very nicely. I divided each layer up between Illustrator and Photoshop and the effects are exactly what I wanted. This project so far has give me so much more confidence in my Illustration abilities and my time keeping. I will see how the next week goes, I am hoping to have it completely finished by next Wednesday. Furthermore, I have decided to expand this project further as I have done much more Illustrations then needed.

Further Developments in my Design

I came to a little dilemma this week in my cover design, I had the blue back and the orange front but I could not make them work, the back was too detailed for the text. I have developed my design even further and have decided to make 2 books. As it is Puffin's 200th Anniversary I am going to do a 200th Anniversary edition. I know that the book that I have just done for the competition is only some of the Grimm Fairy tales so I have decided to do a second book, for the creepier tales for the more mature children. The books will match and come in a box set, along with a few other treats. I will have more details on this plan once the competition has been entered.

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