Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 12 - Puffin Project Hand in

What I am going to Submit

Here are my completed final covers, along with how they would look on the books. This week I also did my self branding and work on my website! I am happy with the final outcomes, in the next week I will be doing a box for point of sell, as well as some promotional work for my covers.

 What I think of my final Project

After completing the project I have gotten lots of positive feedback, I have become more confident. I didn't win the competition, perhaps because it is not weird enough as the winners are all hand crafted.

When I started the Little White Lies project we were told by some tutors not to hand craft things that can be done on Photoshop, and that is what we did. I believe that this information was very wrong and although I am happy with my piece, we should not have listened and I am quite disappointed to have heard this. I have discovered that all of the winners of the Little White Lies and the Puffin briefs have all been hand crafted, or sewn and it was this character that made them special.

I am still happy with my project and but I am sure that if I had not heard this my project would have turned out quite differently, not necessarily for the better. I had the right encouragement from my tutor and I have made something that I am proud of.

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